State-of-the-art theater brings dine-in cinema experience to Four Points, Steiner Ranch residents without a hefty price tag

Galaxy Moviehouse, the first movie theater in the Four Points community, is scheduled to open Nov. 9, just in time for the newest James Bond movie, "Skyfall."

The 45,000-square-foot facility features 11 theaters—six standard theaters totalling 950 seats and five dine-in theaters totalling 450 seats.

"We are very excited to open our doors to the Austin community," said Mark McLaughlin, general manager of Galaxy Moviehouse & Eatery. "We want customers to leave our theater thinking that they just had a great experience without the premium price tag. We are about getting value for your dollar."

General admission and dine-in tickets start at $7.50 and $9.50 respectively with special D-box seats adding an additional $8 to any ticket price.

"They are interactive 4-D seats," McLaughlin said. "They move and shake with the movie, and the experience is different with every movie."

The dine-in theaters feature fully electric recliners where every customer receives his or her own dining space, McLaughlin said. Visitors to the dine-in side of the theater will have access to a full menu of food and beverages, most of which are made from scratch by an executive chef.

Galaxy also puts its own spin on the ordering process. Service staff use tablets for completely digital ordering. Customers can choose their food and drinks from the tablet and even pay for the meal with a credit card on the spot so as not to be interrupted during the show.

"It is kind of neat," McLaughlin said. "If you time it right, you can order a drink, have it sent electronically to the bar, then order your food, and by the time you pick what you want to eat, the drink has been made and brought to you."

The theater, located at 8300 N. RR 620, also features one of the largest screens in the state—three stories tall and 50 feet wide—and will bring roughly 150 new jobs to the Four Points and Steiner Ranch area, McLaughlin said.

Galaxy Moviehouse & Eatery will serve as the cornerstone of the first phase of a 60-acre Trails at 620 development, which began construction in February 2011. Phase 2 of construction began in October.