Austin changes speed limits on Convict Hill, Davis

Austin City Council changed the speed limits on sections of Davis Lane and Convict Hill Road in August.

The new speed limits do not take effect until new signs are posted. Austin Transportation Department spokeswoman Leah Fillion said the new signs were scheduled to be posted Sept. 21.

According to background documents, the city conducted speed zone investigations in April to determine appropriate speed limits for the two roads.

The Austin Transportation Department then made recommendations based on the investigation findings.

On Aug. 16, the council changed the speed limits on parts of Convict Hill Road.

The new limit will be 40 mph from Escarpment Boulevard to Woodcreek Road, and 35 mph from Woodcreek Road to Brodie Lane.

The school zone between Reaburn and Lochinvar streets will remain at 20 mph.

On Aug. 23, the council raised the speed limit on part of Davis Lane.

The limit will be 30 mph from Brodie Lane to West Gate Boulevard, and 25 mph from West Gate Boulevard to Guidepost Trail.