Motorists in Round Rock will soon see changes to existing school zones, part of an overall effort to bring the city into compliance with federal school zone guidelines.

"Many of the previously established zones did not meet the full legal requirements and, therefore, were unenforceable," Round Rock Director of Transportation Gary Hudder said.

Work to bring the city into federal compliance has been under way since June.

"It has to do with proximity to the school," Hudder said. "In some cases, [school zones] were simply too long."

One federal factor involved in determining school zones is the type of road the zone falls on.

Hudder said in some areas, entire zones are being eliminated, while some are only being amended.

"Now that the new ordinance has passed the council, all of our school zones meet all of the legal tests and can be fully enforced by the police department without issue," Hudder said.

In areas where school zones will no longer exist, all signage has been or will be removed, Hudder said.

The estimated total cost for the project is approximately $150,000, not including the city's internal labor cost. The costs associated with the changes are coming from the city's sign and signal department's annual budget and also some safe schools funds, Hudder said.

Hudder said all of the changes will be completed by the time Round Rock ISD classes start Aug. 27.