Important dates:

  • Early voting: April 30–May 8
  • Last day for ballot by mail: May 4
  • Election day: May 12
  • Primary day: May 29

Local elections for Carroll ISD, Westlake Town Council and Colleyville City Council were canceled after incumbents who filed drew no opposition.

Grapevine: Mayor

Anne Marie Kearney, No contact info. provided, Resident for: 13 years, Day job: Former Grapevine city employee

Top priorities:

  • Give the voters a choice at the poll
  • Put term limits in place by providing new ideas and new experiences
  • Help improve voter turnout

William D. Tate (incumbent), 8l7-48l-259l (o), https://[email protected], Resident for: 69 years, Day job: Self-employed attorney

Top priorities:

  • Focus on economic development, attracting clean industries, family-oriented businesses
  • Ensure efficient city government and continue conservative management of taxpayers dollars
  • Provide new programs for citizens to increase conservation activities and improve the environment, especially air quality

Grapevine: Place 1

C. Shane Wilbanks (incumbent), [email protected], Resident for: 47 years, Day job: Retired, former human resources executive

Top priorities:

  • Establish a new combined facility for police and fire headquarters
  • Provide improved park amenities and hike and bike trails, and expand our Senior Activities Center and Community Activities Center
  • Seek out quality economic generators to provide revenues to the city

Grapevine: Place 2

Sharron Spencer (incumbent), 817-488-6168 (h), mailto:[email protected], Resident for: 37 years, Day job: Retired, former American Airlines employee

Top priorities:

  • Decrease our ad valorem tax rate via conservative budget practices
  • Maintain and nurture our downtown historic district and focus on new amenities throughout the city
  • Support tourism efforts and community events that bring thousands of out-of-town visitors to Grapevine each year

Colleyville: Place 5

Tom Hart (incumbent), 817-975-3671 (c), [email protected], Resident for: 25 years, Day job: AT&T Senior Technical Support Fraud Systems and Access Management

Top priorities:

  • Completion of Hwy. 26 improvements
  • Economic development
  • Infrastructure improvements

Colleyville: Place 6

Mike Taylor (incumbent), 817-366-5557 (c), [email protected], Resident for: 28 years, Day job: Edward Jones Investments financial adviser

Top priorities:

  • Protect our conservative fiscal culture, cash reserves and low tax rate
  • Support our economic development focus for businesses
  • See Colleyville Boulevard reconstruction and construction of John McCain/Pleasant Run and Cheek Sparger/Jackson roundabouts to completion within budget

Grapevine–Colleyville ISD: Place 1

Kimberley Barber Davis, 817-999-5465 (c), [email protected], , Resident for: 3 years, Day job: Nonprofit marketing and corporate social responsibility consultant

Top priorities:

  • Continue to attract families to GCISD
  • Eliminate a one-size-fits-all approach in favor of technology and individualized learning
  • Work with legislators to regain greater local control of our tax dollars, streamline spending and conservatively manage our fund balance

Julia Guzman-Henderson, 817-668-5644 (c), [email protected],, Resident for: 6 years, Day job: Attorney

Top priorities:

  • Contribute diverse perspective and skills to the board
  • Assist GCISD in achieving excellence
  • Give back to public schools and help schools thrive

Rick Hinckley, 817-919-9045 (c), [email protected], Resident for: 2 years, Day job: IT manager at a media company and licensed Texas Realtor

Top priorities:

  • Champion detracking initiatives within the district, affording each student the ongoing equal opportunity to academic and social success
  • Appropriately vet every dollar spent
  • Increase transparency in government

Grapevine–Colleyville ISD: Place 2

Gary Harrison-Ducros, 817-714-2162 (c), [email protected], , Resident for: 9 years, Day job: Vice president of labor relations, Frito-Lay North America

Top priorities:

  • Excellence in academic and social development
  • Fiscal responsibility
  • Inclusion and transparency in decision making

Michael McCoy, 817-821-4789 (c), [email protected], Resident for: 9 years, Day job: Self-employed in real estate and owner of small construction company

Top priorities:

  • Ensure that we have the very best in teachers, educational facilities and administration
  • Represent the teachers in GCISD
  • Assist in finding ways to balance the budget and support opportunities to cut waste

Becky St. John(incumbent), 817-416-3997 (h), [email protected], Resident for: 11 years, Day job: Program assistant at Creative Learning Center, First United Methodist Church Grapevine

Top priorities:

  • Improve the school finance system
  • Continue to make education a priority for GCISD students, demanding high standards
  • Support business partnerships, involvement in civic organizations and municipal relationships

Southlake: Mayor

John Terrell (incumbent), 817-253-8355 (c), [email protected], Resident for: 15 years, Day job: Vice president of commercial development, Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport

Top priorities:

  • Continued conservative financial stewardship into the future
  • Address traffic concerns and improve mobility through road improvements and constructing and connecting city's sidewalks
  • Encourage citizens to participate in developing multi-purpose center

Southlake: Place 2

Carolyn Morris(incumbent), 817-488-6650 (h), [email protected], , Resident for: 17 years, Day job: Retired, former teacher, principal, diagnostician and central office administrator

Top priorities:

  • Represent Southlake's families to ensure their quality of life and the protection of property values
  • Foster the residential, recreational and business development of Southlake into the premier city of North Texas
  • Responsible financial management of the city

Greg Standerfer, 817-481-4411 (o), [email protected], Resident for: 19 years, Day job: Attorney

Top priorities:

  • Respect for taxpayer priorities, rather than pet projects of City Council members and special interest groups
  • Work with quality gas drilling companies to safely drill, primarily for CISD's benefit of $40 million in Robin Hood-exempt revenues
  • Make economic issues a priority to reduce where possible the tax burden to taxpayers

Westlake: Mayor

Laura Wheat (incumbent), 214-552-0552 (c), [email protected], Resident for: 6 years, Day job: Nonprofit volunteer

Top priorities:

  • Work with the Town Council and board of trustees, as well as concerned stakeholders, to complete an update of the town's comprehensive plan
  • Complete a master plan for Westlake Academy
  • Work with town staff to raise development interest in Westlake

Westlake: Councilmember

Clif Cox (incumbent), 817-337-9903 (h), [email protected], Resident for: 4 years, Day job: Colon and rectal surgeon

Top priorities:

  • To develop Westlake Academy into one of the pre-eminent educational institutions in the state
  • Manage the infrastructure growth such that a high priority is given to maintaining a high quality, attractive and livable town
  • Encourage appropriate business growth along the highway corridor, in existing office parks and with further large-campus development

Carroll ISD: Place 4

Read Ballew (incumbent), [email protected], Resident for: 14 years, Day job: Retired, former engineer

Top priorities:

  • Protect our tradition of excellence for our students in all areas of academic, artistic and athletic development
  • Develop a sustainable financial platform
  • Continue to make CISD the best place for educational professionals

Carroll ISD: Place 5

Erin Shoupp (incumbent), 817-371-0949 (h), [email protected], Resident for: 12 years, Day job: Retired, former finance professional

Top priorities:

  • Ensure that Carroll ISD retains our commitment to excellence in academics, arts and athletics and continues to provide our students with an outstanding education
  • Work to represent the best interests of our taxpayers through sound fiscal management and efficient, effective budget strategies