Small Grapevine studio keeps students in step

When Nichola Peacock wants to shake off stress, she slips on her dancing shoes — and she has been doing so for almost her whole life. Peacock and her sister Philippa Boggs, U.K. natives, began dancing when they were about 9 and 5 years old, respectfully.

As they grew older, they each owned and operated dance studios in the U.K. before eventually marrying and moving to the U.S.

Now Peacock and Boggs own and operate Dance on the Vine in Grapevine. Since 2007, the siblings have taught their customers how to dance in a family-friendly environment.

"We teach all ages," Peacock said. "Our biggest demographic is between late 20s to 50s, so we have a pretty broad range of customers."

Dance on the Vine also caters to all experience levels, Peacock said. And customers do not need any special shoes or attire.

"Most of the times, people come in just to have fun," Peacock said.

Most of their customers are not looking to become professionals, Peacock and Boggs said.

"We try to make everyone feel comfortable," Boggs said.

The dance studio teaches country, Latin, ballroom and swing dancing.

"We also teach a lot of dances for weddings," she said. "And swing is very popular, but everyone has their favorite and taste in dance and music."

The dance studio offers a variety of packages, and it holds several special events to help promote the studio and social events. Whether it is a school, social group or a corporate team-building event, the studio will provide teachers. The studio also provides adult group classes for $15 per person and individual lessons.

There are even private lesson specials, including same-day appointments for $45 for those in need of a crash course lesson in a short time. On March 31, Dance on the Vine will hold a special event inviting people to come socialize and dance to a variety of music.

Aside from the special events the dance studio holds, the studio is open Monday through Friday, and its teachers are always available for private and corporate lessons.

"We kind of want to help people enjoy themselves," Boggs said. "Dancing is something you can always do and learn no matter your age."

The sisters work as team, handling different areas of management in the studio, and they both have many years in dancing experience.

"For a long time, dancing helps me relax," Peacock said. "After a long day, it just feels good to turn on some music and lose yourself in it."

Peacock said there are dances for every type of mood and she lets the day dictate the type of music she dances to.

"Whenever I'm in a happy mood, I like to do a little fox trot — or a two-step, if I'm feeling a little romantic," she said.

Anyone interested in learning how to dance can call Dance on the Vine.

"We also have four other instructors, three guys and another woman who teach. We don't want people to think there are two little old ladies running the studio," Peacock said with a laugh.

Dance on the Vine, 425 E. Northwest Hwy., Grapevine, 817-251-1552,