At her State of the City address Feb. 28, Kyle Mayor Lucy Johnson addressed members of the Kyle Area Chamber of Commerce, attributing many of the city's recent successes to their hard work.

"Kyle would not be going anywhere if we didn't have people willing to invest their time, money and their future in this city," she said. "2011 was a really tough year to do business in Texas. We experienced rolling blackouts, the worst winter freeze in decades and then almost an entire summer—85 days—with highs above 100 degrees."

Johnson also cited changes in federal and state regulations that made for some difficulties among business owners.

"But still Kyle grew—commercially and residentially we grew—and the longer I'm in this job the more I realize that our growth isn't primarily based on our magical location on the IH-35 Corridor," she said. "Our success comes from the fact that I can't think of any other place where there are so many people who have the ability and the drive to come together in one room, sit down and make stuff happen."

Johnson touched on water, transportation and residential and commercial development issues the city faced in 2011 and will face in 2012.

"Between all of these new buildings and the road construction, it's going to be a bit messy in town for the next 12 to 18 months, but I promise you afterwards you'll love living here," she said.

She also detailed progress made by the police department, the public library and the parks and recreation department, citing the area's population boom during the past decade.

Johnson closed with an encouragement to chamber members to participate in upcoming public forums and elections.

"You are so good at supporting businesses that make this city prosper; now it's time to support your city and tell the City Council where you want us to take you," Johnson said. "If you just show up, I promise you won't be disappointed."