Magnolia residents Glenn Addison and Cecil Bell Jr.—both running as Republicans—are seeking public office in 2012. Addison is vying for the U.S. Senate seat that will be vacated by Kay Bailey Hutchinson.

Bell is running for the new state House District seat, which was created in the 2011 legislative session. It will The borders of the district had not been fully established at press time, but the district will represent Waller County and a portion of Montgomery County. It will either be House District 3, based on a map drawn by the state legislature, or House District 136, based on a map drawn by federal judges in San Antonio.

Glenn Addison

Addison said he wants to separate himself from what he identifies as "career politicians"—people who focus more on getting re-elected than fulfilling their duties. Addison plans to only serve for one six-year term.

"I have pledged to serve as a citizen legislator," he said. "So many of these politicians go in to build a dynasty, and they frequently come out wealthy. The day I take office, I will close my political campaign fund."

If elected, Addison said he would work to restore the U.S. Constitution, instead of just reforming it. A strong supporter of states' rights, Addison wants to repeal the powers of federal agencies that he believes are violating the Constitution, which include the Environmental Protection Agency, the Department of Education and the Department of Energy.

"I don't seek power," he said. "I seek to return power to 'we the people.'"

Several other Republican candidates are competing for the seat, including Texas Lieutenant Governor David Dewhurst, Ted Cruz and Tom Leppert. Addison said he believes many of his competitors are too moderate and willing to compromise on the core conservative ideals that he plans to stick to.

"I don't want another moderate in the U.S. Senate," he said.

Addison is the owner of two funeral homes and cemeteries in Magnolia and Spring with his wife of 28 years, Lorie.

Cecil Bell Jr.

According Bell, in order for a state to govern itself properly, the elected officials should embody the principles of those they represent.

"Too many times, we've elected people because they were pretty to look at [or] easy to listen to," he said. "We lost total sight of what we really need to have in those people we elect. They should be a reflection of our morals, an embodiment of who we are."

As a sixth-generation Texan, Bell said he can represent Waller and Montgomery counties well in the newly created House district.

Bell is the president of the Magnolia ISD board of trustees. He is also the director for the Texas Association of Business, the deacon of fellowship at the Magnolia Church of Christ and the CEO of B-5 Construction Co.

A big issue facing Texas right now is economic growth and job creation, Bell said. If elected, he plans to address the shortfalls of the state budget.

"One of the biggest things we have to do is drive our economy. We need the revenue to sustain things like education and infrastructure," he said. "If you drive businesses and you generate revenue, then you have prosperity."

Even though the borders for the new district have yet to be finalized by the courts, Bell said he is not wasting any time on the campaign trail. Republican Bob Bagley of Grangerland has also filed to run for this seat.

Editor's note: As of press time, the Primary Election Day is set for April 3.