Editor's note: The Crisis Hotline graphic has been updated. The 24-hour phone number is 877-422-5939.

LifePath Systems is a nonprofit organization providing assistance to the intellectually disabled, those who are mentally ill and children who are developmentally delayed.

The organization is designated as the Collin County authority in each of its three divisions—early childhood intervention; intellectual and developmental disabilities; and behavioral health, which includes mental health or illness and substance abuse, CEO Randy Routon said.

The largest division at LifePath is behavioral health, which sees an average of 2,399 residents per month, Routon said.

“There are lots of situations in life that blow you off of the path that you’re on,” he said. “And those are often not things of our own making. … We can’t change everything about their lives, but we can help them adjust and become successful and recover.”

Services in the behavioral health division include visits with a medical practitioner, drug testing, peer support, crisis respite, crisis residential, rehabilitation, counseling, crisis intervention, supported housing and employment, among other services.

“We want to get people in and keep them in treatment for as long as they need,” Routon said.

Another program offered is early childhood intervention, which typically sees 981 children and their families each month, Routon said.

Services provided for the child and family are done in the family’s home or at the child’s day care and could include physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, or nutrition and dietary consulting. The child and family may also work with an early intervention specialist.

The intellectual and developmental disabilities division, which helps an average of 1,622 patients per month, helps people get on a path of their choosing, Routon said. This comes in the form of employment or therapy, among other services.

Routon said he thinks the success of LifePath’s services is based on customization and individualization. LifePath employees focus on an individuals’ needs, wants, strengths and weaknesses.