Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary raising funds to build adoption center

The Magnolia Exotic Bird Sanctuary, a Magnolia-based nonprofit organization, is raising funds to complete construction of an adoption center at its property on Turtle Creek Lane in Magnolia, MEBS Secretary Candace Tanner said. Construction is ongoing to renovate an older building on the property into a center for prospective parrot owners to meet adoptable birds. The adoption center will be named Sammy’s Place after a Moluccan cockatoo that was MEBS founder Sharon Markland’s first parrot in 1988. The adoption center will allow parrots in MEBS’ care to be rehomed to a loving home, Tanner said. The organization is a lifelong sanctuary for abandoned, neglected, abused and relinquished parrots and currently cares for about 170 parrots. 619-379-1779.

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