New owners took over The Original Rib Tickler in February

Frank and Catherine Martinucci took over as the new owners of The Original Rib Tickler, located at 28930 Hwy. 249, Tomball, in February. Both have years of prior restaurant experience, Catherine said. “We have enjoyed becoming a part of the local Tomball community, the mom and pop vibe, and the joy of owning a true family restaurant. We are truly blessed,” she said.

The Original Rib Tickler offers barbecue dishes, such as ribs, pulled pork, turkey and brisket, as well as various sides, including mashed potatoes and baked beans. 281-255-8119. 

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  1. William A Hackney

    I enjoyed the Tomball Rib Tickler for years but haven’t been there since the ownership change. Has anything changed? I noticed the website has not been updated and still has the old menu.

    • The things that has changed besides ownership, are a great improvement in the decor of the restaurant and the the brisket, which is now tastier than before and juicier. The new owners, Frank & Catherine Martinucci are great! The Original Rib Tickler still has the same family atmosphere and home cooked food. Come and see for yourself.
      The website and social media sites are in the works of being updated.

    • William S. Holsinger

      The last two times we went there the food has changed. Not good anymore. The coleslaw had a bizarre taste to it. I took it back up to the counter and got something else. The brisket, sausage and chicken seemss to be old and not fresh. You can taste the difference. There are to many new people running around in there most of them not doing anything. I asked if they had changed the cole slaw and was told no. Sorry to say I am a cole slaw freak, and I know immediatlely when something has changed. The meats you can notice through the window that most of it is dried indicating it is not fresh. My wife and I discussed the situation and have decided not to go there anymore since the new ownership has let the food go to hell. Decide for yourself. This is a very sad thing. I am going to contact Ted and Sylvia and let them know that the new owners are destroying the place.

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