Smash Therapy, a facility where children and adults can relieve stress in a physical manner, opened June 16 at 17425 Stuebner Airline Road, Ste. N, Spring.

The business offers rooms for children and adults to express themselves through physically interacting with objects and environments.

In the Splatter room, children can throw paintballs at triggers spray-painted on a wall. A camera is installed in the room so parents or guardians can monitor the child for safety.

Adult rooms include a Profanity room, which has obscenities spray-painted on the walls, and the Polite room, which has motivational slogans. In both rooms, adults have the opportunity to destroy household items such as glass, wooden furniture and other electronics.

Prices begin at $25 for the Splatter room and $40 for Smash rooms.

Resources such as pamphlets with referrals for a crisis hotline and mental health care are also available.