Locally owned Cafe Taraiz closes shop in Pearland

After 34 years in Pearland, Cafe Taraiz closed. The restaurant, located at 9415 Broadway St., served Mediterranean and American food.

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  1. Patricia Helfrich

    The food served at this small business has been sooooo good…I will truly miss both the food and the friendly staff! They were the only business serving middle Mediterranean foods in Pearland and as such, adding to it’s diversity. I’ve lived in Pearland for over 40 years and seen the diversity waver. I was hopeful when Cafe Taraiz lasted so long. They scared me when they moved to their new location but I was so excited to find them again! Now they’re leaving for good and I will mourn.

  2. Just when some new-comers were getting ready to stop in & give Mediterranean food a try. So sorry I didn’t get to dine with you, although my church had a Seder dinner with your lamb & it was amazing! Blessings to you!

  3. So sad to this cafe close. The food was delicious and staff & owner very friendly. The owner was my 4th grade teacher at CJ Harris Elementary School (1974).

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