Mason Jar in Katy area closes its doors

Mason Jar at 727 W. Grand Parkway South, Katy, closed Oct. 7. The American restaurant closed due to the reorganization of management, according to a sign posted on the door. Popular dishes included artichokes, baked potato soup and chicken fried steak, according to the eatery’s website, which is still connected as of Oct. 8, as are its Facebook page and business phone. 832-437-9727.

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  1. It was just too expensive! You can’t ask folks to come for essentially country cookin’ and diner food in a working class town and ask them to pay $20+ for an entree. Just sayin.

  2. Since this is Katy we are taking about, its closing has a lot less or not much to do with menu pricing. Rather, it’s more than likely the lack of patronage caused by one or a combination of other factors.

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