Monty’s Lighthouse Cajun Bar and Grill to open in Montgomery’s Waterpoint Marina

Monty’s Lighthouse Cajun Bar and Grill will open early October in the former Sam’s Boat at Waterpoint Marina, according to owner and operator Aaron Morris. Morris described the bar and grill as a seafood sports bar with dining areas and an oyster bar. Morris said he and his parents also operate Fajita Jack’s next door. The bar is currently hiring staff. Waterpoint Shopping Center, 15250 Hwy 105, Ste. 150, Montgomery. 936-588-1212.

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  1. Fajita Jack’s at both locations suckS so maybe you’ll figure it out with a seafood restaurant because so tired of pieces of shit coming in Macgomery

  2. Well since Daryl doesn’t know crap because if he did then he would know there is only one Fajita Jack’s. Don’t listen to the idiot. He just a troll.
    Congrats to Aaron, John and Cheryl.
    Looking forward to a great place.

  3. Fajita Jacks is an EXCELLENT place to eat. My wife and I eat there at least once a month. The fajitas, chips and salsa are great. Margaritas are excellent also. We are looking forward to Monty’s Light House to open to try the seafood. We wish the owners the best of luck in their new adventure.

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