City of Plano names future Legacy West-area park after retired City Manager Bruce Glasscock

The city of Plano has named the seven-acre park planned next to the Legacy West development after retired City Manager Bruce Glasscock. The park will serve the residents of the Legacy West area’s apartments, condos and single-family units, and will likely take on a more urban character than a typical neighborhood park. Plano City Council on April 22 approved the naming of Bruce Glasscock Park, which will be located southwest of where Communications Parkway meets Water Street. Glasscock retired April 30 after working for the city nearly three decades in various roles. Former Senior Deputy City Manager Mark Israelson became city manager May 1.

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  1. Bold decision to use that name. I’m sure he was a stalwart employee, but it seems like a poor decision to name a park after him. A lot of people are crude and abrasive, and not only will this park be the butt of many jones, I wouldn’t be surprised if the park becomes known as a place for drugs and illicit sexual acts. Way to go City of Plano.

  2. Peter Johnson

    Nice to see that the City of Plano is getting such a large new property. Miles and miles of Glasscock Park.

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