Waffle House now open in Lewisville

Waffle House opened at 1901 S. SH 121 Business, Lewisville, on July 15. The 24-hour restaurant serves an array of breakfast and lunch options, including waffles, eggs, hash browns, hamburgers and sandwiches. 214-897-8131.

Correction: The point on the map in this post was originally in the wrong place. It has since been corrected.

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  1. There is literally another Waffle House less than a mile on the same road right before you get to 35. What was the point of building this waffle house?

      • This particular waffle House is bad nothing but pot smoking drunk servers and cooks waited 45 minutes for 2 egg breakfast would not recommend it at all when spoke to a supposedly DM Brent argued with me and said I was in the wrong

      • Tammy Henderson80ish

        Worst service ever received at a Waffle house. Had thete been a manager on duty, I would have complained. My sister and i went in last night about 11:15. We found out the manager had to leave for an emergency. I get that. Emergencies happen. Both Ordered the egg, sausage, hashbrowns and waffle plate. Only thing out of the ordinary was she ask for her Hasbrowns to be crispy and add onions. Not an unreasonable request. After about 15 min we got waffles. Then about 10 min later she got bacon. Another 15 min pass and she got the rest of her meal {no crispy HB, no onions}. I didnt. Im thinking ok, she did have her hands full with the plate and the coffee pot. Another few minutes pass and I finally stop one of the servers and ask about mine. She proceeds to tell me, that mine was given to someone else by mistake. Ok accidents happen but couldn’t they tell me right up front instead of me having to flag someone down, well after my sisters plate was delivered? Finally another 10 minutes or so she comes back and says your order is being cooked now. We’re giving you 20%off. Really… After all that it should have been free.. By the time mine gets there, my sister is done, and has to wait on me to finish. We walk out at 12:20. An hour is a ridiculous length of time to wait for eggs. Never again to this location.

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