Regent Care Center of San Marcos under new ownership, renamed Cypress Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center

Regent Care Center of San Marcos was renamed Cypress Healthcare and Rehabilitation Center and came under the new ownership of Trustcare Management on May 1. The center, a rehabilitation and medical facility located at 1351 Sadler Drive in San Marcos, offers comprehensive rehab programs and nursing for its residents. Company officials said the majority of the center’s staff remained employees following the ownership change. 512-805-5000.

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  1. Debbi Kilpatrick

    I am glad they are under new management. The facility, when, my husband was there in January, 2019, was clean, the staff overworked but professional. However, someone on that staff told my daughtet- in- law, that I could never be reached on my house phone or cell phone for my husband’s needs. She stepped up, as the responsible person. The problem is, no one from that facility had ever tried to contact me. I have voice mail on the cell phone and I have voice mail on the house phone. I do always check the call list on both phones to make sure that no calls are missed, especially with a loved one in the hospital. When it came time for my husband to be discharged, the facility only wanted to send him home with the daughter-in-law and his son. Wife be damned. When I asked the social worker what had happened, I was told it was info from the hospital. What? I am the one, the wife, who had provided all the info. Hard feelings have ensued, so much so that no one is talking to anyone. I only just found out about the so called phone calls. Please be careful to appoint one designated person to deal with them.

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