7-Eleven is coming to Hutto

A 7-Eleven convenience store is set to be built in Hutto, according to an Aug. 22 news release by Creighton Construction & Development. Located at 1429 Murfield Bend Drive, Hutto, the 3,000 sq. ft. facility will also include 12 fueling stations, Creighton Construction confirmed.

Construction is anticipated to be completed in fall 2019, per the release.


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  1. People need to stop calling the area by HEB Plus, Hutto. Yes it’s Hutto but it’s more meant for Pflugerville. If you look North from that location and see the water tower, THAT’S Hutto. Hutto are chumps. We give businesses tax breaks but the benefits/location are meant for Pflugerville. Hutto is on 79, not Gattis School.

      • I acknowledged that it’s Hutto “Yes it’s Hutto but…” the fact that it’s on the city line of Hutto pretty much in Pflugerville. I’ve lived in Hutto for 16 years and the land across from the high school was supposed to be developed for a grocery, hopefully it would have been HEB. I do understand the HEB plus location because you cover more demographics than If it would have been in the heart of Hutto. If you live in Pflugerville, it’s an awesome location to have a grocery store.

      • Waste of keystrokes? What’s worse, me writing it or you replying to it? I’ve lived in Hutto for 16 years and seen good and bad.

  2. tbh Perfect Game will be the only modern thing Hutto will have on the “true” side of hutto.
    Everything else is just not up to date.

    There is a sign for a “7 Eleven coming soon” on corner of 1660 and Limmer Loop in hutto

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