Elite Smiles of Pflugerville, formerly GO Dental, takes on new ownership

Dr. Jordan Tucker became the new owner of Elite Smiles of Pflugerville, formerly known as GO Dental, in early August. Located at 1616 FM 685, Ste. 103, Pflugerville, the office specializes in routine dentistry and dental surgery.

Elite Smiles of Pflugerville will host a grand opening celebration at the office Aug. 12.


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  1. Dental Patient

    “Elite Smiles of Pflugerville”. That’s an interesting name. Is this place only for rich people that need braces? Maybe you should change the name to something less frightening, like “People’s Dentist of Pflugerville”.

    Seriously, is this the third dentist since that office originally opened? I’m losing track. Maybe that whole building is jinxed. The Radio Shack next door went out of business too, as well as that mail center in the same building. Go Dental had a real nice office, I distantly recall, and a great location by Walmart, but the quality of the dentist that works there is what’s most important. Selecting a dentist is a deeply personal decision which makes me nervous when I’m dealing with something as important as my oral health, and my children’s health.

    Tell us about the open house, Dr. Tucker. I’m an open minded lady. Maybe I’ll stop by and get acquainted, if you’re handing out free tooth brushes and stickers for my kids and are open after I get off work. (Why is the open house on a Monday, of all possible days?) Are you offering any special teeth cleaning “get-acquainted” deals? Do you have a website with all the details of your new practice? This is a good publication to advertise, because everybody in the community gets a hard copy of this newspaper for free, delivered to their mailbox.

    Whatever the case, I sincerely wish you the best of luck with your new practice. This community is a good place to live and work.

    • Hey “Dental Patient”!

      You are not the only patient to have this opinion. In fact I believe there were 4 docs here in the past year before I purchased the practice. I, myself, used to work at one of these awful corporately owned offices. Does this sound familiar? Different dentist every month, no personal relationship, absence of customer service and hospitality, 30 minute waiting time (minimum) for every appointment, people being herded through like sheep going to… well you get the point. I knew we could do it better. That was the inspiration that lead to the birth of Elite Smiles of Pflugerville.

      We are in the exact same spot Go Dental has been for years. In addition, I’m in the process of making updates, so if you thought the old version of Go Dental was “a real nice office” I know you’ll love what we have to offer now.

      Today 8/12 is our FREE KIDS day actually, give us a call at 512-252-4655 and hopefully you and your children can make it in to meet us! There are a few appointments still available. School starts this week and I’m sure you are aware how difficult it is to make appointments during the school year. A free toothbrush isn’t the only thing that’s free today, dental cleanings are as well. We would love to meet you and your family. Please come by and give us a chance when you can, and I promise you will not be disappointed.

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