PCDC executive director recognized for completion of Advanced Economic Development Leadership Program

Amy Madison, executive director of the Pflugerville Community Development Corp., completed the Advanced Economic Development Leadership Program on June 25, the PCDC announced in a news release.

The AEDL is a two-week program developed in partnership between the University of Alabama, Clemson University, Texas Christian University and the University of Southern Mississippi. Participants in the program are awarded the Economic Development Master Practitioner diploma upon completion.

Madison will be recognized by Pflugerville City Council at its meeting July 23.

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  1. Sabena Hawkins

    After reading this article it looks like she took a two week course and now she wants us all to recognize her as an “Economic Development Master Practitioner”. (Did our tax money pay some press agent to make this grand announcement?) If she is really such a skilled professional, then why is she still wasting our tax money subsidizing that water park? How much of our tax money has PCDC spent under her direction, and what exactly did we get for it? PCDC should be run like any other civilian business, with strict Profit and Loss accounting. They won’t do that though, because they know that you could never justify any economic development council in the midst of the greatest economic expansion of our lifetime. When I read a story like this, it makes my blood boil, because these politicians act like they are untouchable, and we should all bow in their presence and be grateful for their service. Seriously, she wants the whole city to recognize her because she took a two week course? (And who paid for her portrait and that class? Was that done with our tax money as well?)

    • There is nothing wrong with PCDC spending tax money to educate their employees. However – advertising yourself like this using tax money, for the sole purpose of trying to make yourself look better, is completely unethical. Our City Council needs to put forth a resolution to censure such wasteful public spending by PCDC.

      • a better sistem would be to let Pf collect the sales tax and then make amy beg for a share of it every 6months
        pay for performance lik the rest of the world works

  2. I think Ms. Madison has a big smile on her face in that picture because the tax money is pouring into her organization at record amounts, and she’s got very little accountability with regards to spending it. How do I get a dream job like this?

    I remember when these guys took a big trip to Las Vegas to supposedly advertise the city in the quest for “economic development”.

    Enjoy the good economy while it lasts, I guess……

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