The Inspired Studio, a coworking and event space, opens in downtown Round Rock

The Inspired Studio opened July 12 at 110 S. Mays St., Round Rock. The studio is an open concept creative workspace with lounge seating and tabletop work stations. In addition to coworking options, the studio will host events, a monthly artisan market and more. A grand opening event is in the works for July 27.

The location will house Feathers and Frosting Bakery, which is expected to open in the coming months. The bakery specializes in cakes and will also offer coffee and pastries.

Blur Boutique, a women’s clothing store, is also housed inside The Inspired Studio. The boutique opened for business in conjunction with the studio.

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  1. Betsy Lee Dudley

    I am so very proud of you making your dreams a reality!!! I will be back in your area before MK Seminar the 27th & 28th and wanted to know if you would like to host some of your friends at your New Event Space for a Mary Kay “Pretty Pampering” session❓
    Mary Kay Ash began her business over 54 years ago, after working at a corporate company and training 2 men for a position that were later selected for higher positions in the company and less qualified than herself! Mary Kay decided to leave that company and she got a $5,000 loan from the bank as a single momma and wanted a business that rewarded hard work not based on gender but on determination & follow through!! And that is precisely what she did, little did she know it would grow to reward pink Cadillac’s & Jewelry and Cruises for women & their spouses! What she didn’t realize is that she would be able to Contribute over 60 Billion to further Cancer Research as well as over 28 Billion towards helping Women struggling with Domestic Violence!! I think it would be a perfect location to collaborate your dream with Mary Kay Ash’s and myself!!! What do you say?

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