Sweet Charlie’s Rolled Ice Cream and Gourmet Waffles coming to Round Rock

Sweet Charlie’s Rolled Ice Cream and Gourmet Waffles is in the works for Round Rock. The dessert shop is expected to open at 2800 S. I-35, Ste. 132, in late June or early July.

The Philadelphia-based company serves hand-rolled ice cream alongside other frozen desserts and Belgian waffles.

Sweet Charlie’s offers a selection of frozen treats as a base—ice cream, fat-free frozen yogurt or a vegan option. Customers also select a vehicle—classic cup, warm Belgian waffle or local homemade donut—and toppings—from marshmallows roasted to order, to honey, fresh fruit and more.


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  1. Ernie’s they see me Rollin, does the same if not better. He isn’t a chain either. He is a local resident who does a fantastic job with some very fun things! I suggest people support local before going chain!

    • Kelly, it looks like a franchise. Corporate owned stores are chains. Franchisee owned stores are locally owned and operated. Could be your neighbor. Again, national brand, locally owned.

    • Kelly, looking at the website it is clearly a franchise, which means owned by a local resident, not a chain. Looks tasty to me I cant wait to try it!

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