QuikTrip’s first Round Rock location is now open

QuikTrip opened its first Round Rock location at 901 Louis Henna Blvd. on Feb. 28. The gas station and convenience store is open 24 hours and offers free air for tires, hot and cold food, and drink items. 515-248-8983. www.quiktrip.com

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  1. local resident

    Yeah just what we need. Another gas station. Too bad they mowed down the chase bank building that was used for 15 seconds then closed. It fits in well with the useless marriot they built up the street. The City Council must be making kick backs or they are selling their property for a mint. It sure isn’t going any way to “Improve” our city.

  2. Local Resident

    It was actually an abandoned Capital One bank building that QuikTrip “mowed down”. But nonetheless, at least the City is receiving tax revenue from this new business, which they weren’t receiving any with the vacant, blighted abandoned bank. I’m not sure why the previous commenter is so salty, its clear they know nothing about development, but from what I can tell, QuikTrip seems like a great place. I know its brand new, but their facility is very clean and the employees are happy and friendly. Which is a breath of fresh air compared to their competition. And to so blatantly accuse the City Council of corruption just because you don’t want a certain business to develop, is petty and immature. Don’t worry about this person QuikTrip, they don’t represent Round Rock, we welcome you and hope to see more of your beautiful stations throughout the City!

  3. Garrett Nafzinger

    Yes! I’m ready for Austin to get some clean, well equipped convenience stores. Now, bring some to the urban core too!

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