Red Silo Music near the Georgetown Square closes

Music studio Red Silo Music located just off of the Georgetown Square closed in January. The studio, formerly at 114 E. Seventh St., Ste. 112, Georgetown, offered music lessons, professional recording and instrument repair. Signage outside the business cites the building falling into disrepair as a reason for its closure.

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  1. Kenney Nguyen

    Excuses, Excuses, Excuses. Trouble maker pretending to be victim. Bad business practice closing period. Deadbeat tenant migrated from one location to another.

    • I agree Kenney I took pictures in there and the building was fine. The other partner was pushed out and the one left didn’t have a clue how to run a business. Sad to see it end.

      • Thanks Mr King! At least you are the proof inside this business. This guy remains here has been invited all kind of city people to create cases against us avoid paying rent. They damaged our place with evidences and refused to fix so to have excuses to blame on our roof. We ordered MOLD AIR TEST and report confirmed that it’s safe for people to be in .

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