The city of Magnolia issued a boil water notice Feb. 16 for all water customers receiving water from the city, according to an announcement the city posted to its website Feb. 16. The freezing temperatures and loss of electricity have caused failure in the city's water plants and therefore a loss of water pressure, according to the notice.

The notice states that all water for drinking, cooking, ice making, washing hands or faces, brushing teeth and other similar activities should be brought to a "vigorous" boil, boiled for at least two minutes and then cooled prior to consumption for safety purposes. The boil water notice is in effect indefinitely, with the city stating it will notify customers when the water is once again safe to consume.

Additionally, the notice states children, seniors and persons with weakened immune systems are particularly vulnerable to harmful bacteria, which could be found in the water.

Water users can use bottled water or water obtained from other suitable sources for drinking water if users cannot boil the water, according to the notice.

The city's notice comes less than 24 hours after the city of Tomball issued a boil water notice late Feb. 15. The city shared an update on its Facebook page Feb. 16, stating freezing temperatures continue to cause challenges in restoring water pressure within the city, Community Impact Newspaper reported. The low water pressure will likely remain in effect until Feb. 19, the post stated.