The traffic light at the intersection of FM 149 and Spur 149 is set to be fully functional, with red, yellow and green lights flashing all ways, Montgomery County Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley said in a Nov. 9 interview.

Right now, the light flashes yellow for drivers moving north or south on FM 149 and flashes red for drivers coming from Spur 149.

Riley said agreements about signalizing the light must be made between the Texas Department of Transportation and the railroad before it can be an all-way traffic light.

“I wanted [TxDOT and the railroad] to get all that worked out before they even thought about hanging a light up there, but they didn’t listen to me,” Riley said. “They hung it up there and now it’s sitting there blinking for over a year.”

Stay tuned

Riley said he thinks it will be another six months or so before the signalization of the light changes to flash red, yellow and green all ways.