Montgomery County Precinct 2 completed the first stage of its widening project on Nichols Sawmill Road, Commissioner Charlie Riley announced Aug. 9. The project widened the previously two-lane narrow road by an additional 14 feet, including a continuous center turn lane from Grand Pines Drive to Old Hockley Road. The bridge over Walnut Creek has not yet been widened, so the road still narrows at that point. A construction timeline for widening the bridge was not available as of press time; however, Riley previously said it would start at the end of the summer. According to Riley's office, as of Aug. 12 the construction bid for the bridge portion of the project will be rebid, as the initial bid was high.

Timeline: May-August (road widening); TBD (bridge widening)

Cost: $2.8 million (estimate for road and bridge widening)

Funding sources: Montgomery County Precinct 2, Montgomery County 2015 road bond