Two of the four direct connectors under construction between the Grand Parkway and Tomball Tollway in Tomball are scheduled to open this weekend following major road closures beginning July 15, according to Roxana Sibrian, media relations manager for the Harris County Toll Road Authority.

An overnight closure is scheduled from 9 p.m. July 15 through 6 a.m. July 16 of the eastbound main lanes of the Grand Parkway between the Telge Road exit ramp and the Boudreaux Road entrance ramp, according to the HCTRA. Eastbound drivers can detour to the frontage road at the Telge exit, turn right onto Telge and continue onto Boudreaux to the Boudreaux entrance ramp to the Grand Parkway.

Following the July 15 closure, the direct connector ramp from eastbound on the Grand Parkway to southbound on the Tomball Tollway—the tolled portion of Hwy. 249—will open to drivers, HCTRA information states.

In addition, a closure is planned from 9 p.m. July 16 to 6 a.m. July 17 for the eastbound and westbound main lanes of the Grand Parkway between Rocky Road and Champion Forest Drive, according to the HCTRA. Eastbound drivers on the Grand Parkway can detour by taking the Rocky exit and continuing along the frontage road to Boudreaux, turning left onto Boudreaux and continuing to the Gleannloch Forest Drive and Grand Parkway intersection. Drivers can turn left onto the eastbound Grand Parkway frontage road and enter the main lanes again via the Champion Forest entrance ramp, according to HCTRA information.

Westbound drivers can detour by taking the Champion Forest/Gleannloch Forest exit and continuing onto the Grand Parkway frontage road. At the Gleannloch Forest and Grand Parkway intersection, drivers can turn right onto Boudreaux and turn right onto the westbound Grand Parkway frontage road at the Boudreaux intersection. Drivers can re-enter the main lanes by using the Rocky entrance ramp.

Following the July 16 closure, the direct connector between the westbound Grand Parkway and southbound Tomball Tollway lanes will open to drivers, according to HCTRA information.