Ahead of opening day, dozens of volunteers came out to help repair portions of the Tomball Little League fields during a Sept. 16 work day, Vice President of Administration Cary Kelley said.

“It was spreading people across the park doing different things,” Kelley said. “It made such a fantastic impact on the park. It’s ready to open this season.”

A closer look

Kelley said Tomball Little League, which celebrated its 50th season this past spring, usually holds a work day the weekend before opening day.

“We have a staff that is constantly maintaining the fields,” Kelley said. “But a lot of the stuff that we get done on the work day is stuff that they simply do not have the time or a good number of hands to accomplish by themselves.”

Kelley said during this year’s work day, members of the Tomball Rotary Club, the Tomball Police Department and the Concordia High School baseball team were among the volunteers who came to help out. Volunteers did tasks such as:

  • Reconstructing the bleachers
  • Weed eating and raking
  • Rebuilding pitching mounds
  • Moving dirt
  • Busting up old concrete that was causing a trip hazard

What else?

The Rotary Club also donated $25,000 to Tomball Little League, which was used to repair its concession stand, Kelley said.

“We saw a need, and so we took care of it,” Rotary Club President Craig Bogner said in an interview. “And that’s why we have fundraisers like ... The Big Show. And that’s why we raise the money—to help people that are in need.”

Kelley also said McCoy’s Building Supply in Tomball donated the materials to reconstruct the bleachers.

Stay tuned

Tomball Little League’s opening day is set for Sept. 23, which will include a vendor fair and an opening ceremony set to take place between 7:45-8 a.m., followed by games the rest of the day, Kelley said.

The league is also preparing to host a fundraising event, called Bite at the Ballpark, on Oct. 14, Kelley said. The event will feature several restaurants serving food and baseball activities, such as a home run derby.

“It’s all going to be about spending time at the park and enjoying a festival atmosphere,” Kelley said.