Inspiration Ranch, an equine therapy center based in Magnolia, has expanded its services to help those affected by COVID-19, the nonprofit announced in an April 21 news release.

MG Tindall, Inspiration Ranch president and CEO, said people living through an uncertain times, such as the coronavirus pandemic, might have an increased need for therapy.

“We are seeing an increase in clients right now,” she said. “The future is uncertain and that is very scary for people."

Inspiration Ranch offers in-person sessions to people across Montgomery County while following social distancing guidelines. The nonprofit also offers sessions through video conferences, Tindall said.

Tindall said the pandemic has also accelerated plans to increase Inspiration Ranch's mental health program’s capacity as the nonprofit recently added a full-time licensed psychological associate, Debbie Blackmon, to help clients through the current crisis.

“The community is already seeing an increased need for mental health services because of the coronavirus,” Tindall said in a statement.

Tindall added with the loss of jobs and income, more people have been suffering during the pandemic.

“This is a way that we felt we could step up to help quickly and effectively,” Tindall said in a statement. “[Blackmon] has extensive experience with both children and adults experiencing trauma. She is uniquely equipped to help right now.”

For more information about Inspiration Ranch, call 281-719-9322 or click here.