Trimlight Tomball co-owner Dawn Piat shared lighting tips for homeowners.

How can lighting increase security at a home?

When you think about it, if you don’t have any exterior lighting around your home, it makes it easier for someone to kind of sneak around and walk around your property and potentially get into your home. But if you have the exterior lighting, whether it's on the top of the home shining down or the lower part of the home shining up, it makes it a little bit less enticing for someone that shouldn’t come around to be there.

What area of the house should homeowners invest in lighting?

I would say for most people it's sufficient to put the permanent lighting just on the front. Some like it on the back because they have back patios. .... We oftentimes just tell people we are happy to put the lighting around the entire home, ... and it’s great, but the way our subdivisions are, homes are so close together oftentimes you can’t really notice the lighting on the side of the homes unless you’re right in front of the home. We’ll tell people, 'We’ll spend your money if you want us to,' but the reality is if they have neighbors that are really close to them on each side, it’s really a personal preference whether to put the lights there. ... Most of the time it’s just the front or the front and the back.

What are some common lighting mistakes homeowners make in your experience?

Some of the lighting looks really beautiful that people put on their homes, and then others not so much. ... Some of the old traditional lighting, you didn’t have the option to change the coloring, but I guess ... maybe [a lot of lighting] can be overkill. We’ve had a few people that wanted us to put the permanent lighting up; they wanted down lighting—I mean, it’s a lot, a lot of lighting. I don't know that it’s always necessary to overdo it.

Out of beautification projects, why should lighting be prioritized for home improvement projects?

On your home, you can’t change the color of your home or the wood on your home. ... You’re not going to do that frequently because it's expensive, and it is a nice way to be able to do some different things [with your home]. ... You keep things fresh and interesting with your home that way.”

Can every house utilize exterior lighting?

Pretty much any house can utilize it. ... We have different types of channels because you have different architecture styles on homes. So what may work on one home won’t necessarily work on a different home.

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