Homes are always susceptible to pests, regardless of the season or location. Community Impact Newspaper spoke with Steve Durham of EnviroCon Termite & Pest about some tips for homeowners.

1. What kind of damage can pests cause?

Anything from zero damage to tens of thousands of dollars in damage. Termites are the most destructive, carpenter ants can [cause] minor damage and rats can chew through wires. Raccoons have gone to the roof of a house and [ripped] a hole right into the roof to get into the attic, and you end up with secondary damage from rain coming in.

2. What time of year should homeowners spray for pests?

Insect populations are going to grow during the warmer seasons of the year. Rats, mice and raccoons are going to be more prevalent during the colder periods of the year because they are looking for a warm place to go.

3. How can you be proactive with pest control?

The most important thing homeowners can do is sanitation. By not having crumbs of food around, ants and roaches are less likely to come for something to eat. Rats and mice will come in for food, so [make] sure entry points are [clean and closed] so pests can’t walk into your home unabated.

4. Are home remedies useful?

Home remedies don’t work as well as they used to, as insects develop resistance to insecticides. If it doesn’t kill all of them, they develop a resistance, and this is more prevalent with roaches. They will pass the resistance to their offspring as well.

5. How do you identify when pest control is needed?

Whenever you see any damage, or anytime you see [pests] in any number. Anytime you are seeing [termites or roaches], it may be advisable to call somebody.

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