Dr. Carlos Araujo and Chief Operating Officer Robert Pinard opened Edge Medical in February, offering internal, sleep and allergy medicine; primary care; and general wellness.

The clinic focuses on helping its patients assess and limit prescription medications, seeking to treat the underlying issue rather than side effects of medicines, said Araujo, critical care medical director at HCA Houston Healthcare Tomball and chief executive officer and medical director of Edge.

“Working as a pulmonologist and as a critical care doctor, I realized that every time we admit a patient, these patients come with pages and pages of history in medications,” he said. “A lot of the symptoms these patients are having can be avoided and prevented if somebody had just taken the time and the care to sit down and look at the pages of medications.”

Araujo said after years working in the medical field, Tomball was an obvious choice for the clinic because his first medical job was in Tomball.

“Tomball is my first love in medicine and also makes me feel very welcome in the hospital as well as in the community,” he said.

Edge Medical accepts health insurance and offers a $75 flat fee for those paying without, Pinard said. The Tomball clinic is also bilingual.

“This is what we’re doing because we’re tired of what we’ve seen and we want to make it better for people,” Pinard said.

Araujo said many people are prescribed repetitive medications or taking those that were meant only for a short time.

“That is something that we can make an impact on—not only from the health care perspective but the cost perspective, too. People just want to feel better,” Araujo said. “I think approaching this from a Christian perspective, a moral perspective, an ethical perspective ... people will feel that they belong at the clinic and that they are getting the help they need.”

Edge Medical is a sister clinic of Edge Weight Loss & Fatigue in Spring, Pinard said, which is also home to a holistic, compounding pharmacy. The team hopes to bring everything under one roof.

“We’re going to try to build a facility with everything in it once we get out of the pandemic,” he said. “We also have pediatrics we’re going to start as well.”

Edge Medical

455 School St., Bldg. 1, Ste. 12, Tomball



Hours: 1-6 p.m. Monday and Friday