The city of Magnolia will install a temporary water well system that includes a well pump, a generator, chemical equipment and electrical equipment for Well No. 7 for three months after City Council approved a change order for $167,310.81 for the project at its March 14 meeting.

“This is for the temporary well, temporary pump and motor that we want to add,” City Engineer Mike Kurzy said during discussion. “[It would] include installation and removal when we’re done. It also includes rental of a generator and the controls that are out there.”

Kurzy said the $167,310.81 cost is for three months.

“After three months, it would cost an additional $17,000 per month to keep that out there until we have the rest of the plant up and running,” Kurzy said.

The temporary equipment is expected to be in place and running by mid-May, Kurzy said in an email March 15.

“We are hoping for sooner, but we don’t have the schedule from the contractor,” Kurzy said.

Kurzy also said the moratorium is expected to stay in place until the city is “significantly ahead on the water supply,” Kurzy said.

“However, we expect the City Council will begin approving waivers when the temporary equipment is active,” Kurzy said. “We are currently working on how we will approach prioritizing the waivers to be approved.”

Permanent equipment for Well No. 7 is anticipated to be installed in August, Kurzy said.

The temporary equipment rental comes amid a temporary development moratorium that was enacted Dec. 21.