Fireworks are the only thing confirmed so far for the city of Magnolia's annual July 4 celebration after discussion from City Council during a March 10 meeting. Council members unanimously voted to approve a fireworks display contract with American Fireworks during the meeting.

Based on council discussion, the Magnolia Festival Committee will coordinate other aspects of the event, such as the bicycle parade and any food offered at the event.

Mayor Todd Kana said he likes the city's celebration, but the way it has operated in previous years with city staff shouldering much of the burden is not working.

“I’m all fine with the way we have always done it; the problem is it tends to fall on the few city employees that are willing to show up on a holiday,” he said. “I don’t want to keep planning that to put it on a few.”

Finding the funding to staff and serve food at the event was discussed by the council. Kana said people have come to expect food at the event, as previous years have featured free hotdogs and watermelon.

Anne Sundquist, chair of the Magnolia Festival Committee, said a donation of watermelon could help with getting some food for the event. She also said lemonade and tea could be available, and the festival committee could contact a food truck to sell food at the event.

“We also have a lot of connections with different food trucks, and we might be able to get a food truck,” she said. “That way any other food [attendees] want comes from one or two food trucks.”

No band is in place to perform during the event, and council members said there is not funding for one either.

However, Sundquist said the festival committee had not discussed anything regarding a band yet.

“Again if we find the means to expand this and make it like it always has been, nobody is against it,” Kana said.