Magnolia ISD approved continuing three incentive programs to improve teacher retention during a Feb. 13 school board meeting.

The three programs that passed during the consent agenda—meaning there was no discussion on the item—were the early resignation program, the certified teacher referral incentive program and the early signing incentive program, according to Executive Director of Communications Denise Meyers.

According to Meyers, the early resignation program is for teachers who are employed and are resigning or retiring, and give early notice to the district. According to details provided to Community Impact by MISD officials, the early resignation program will “buy back” up to 10 days of accumulated local leave days at a rate of $100 per day, and outgoing employees will receive a one-time $500 incentive payment.

The certified teacher referral incentive program is for those who are employed in the district and recruit new teachers who are hired by MISD, Meyers said. According to incentive details, this incentive program was created due to a shortage in certified teachers in Texas. Program details state MISD employees—who recommend a teacher who goes on to be hired—will receive a one-time stipend for the referral once the recommended teacher signs a 2023-24 teacher contract and starts work.

Lastly, the early signing incentive program is for those who are certified teachers and will be given incentive pay based on their qualifications upon signing an offer, according to Meyers. According to the district, there are three categories where the referral program applies: special education teachers; Texas-certified bilingual teachers; and teachers with certificates in English/language arts, math, history and social studies, secondary science, and foreign language. Pay incentives depend on position and certification, according to the sheet.

This is the third year MISD will offer the early resignation program and the second year MISD will offer early signing and employee referral programs.

According to Meyers, in the 2022-23 school year, 81 employees received the early resignation incentive program; 27 employees received the early signing incentive program; and 49 employees received the employee referral incentive program.