Margarita's Tamales, located at 32127 Hwy. 249, opened March 11 in Pinehurst. Owner Julissa Hernandez said the family business started in the past few years, but after selling tamales from house to house, her family decided to put down roots with a permanent tamale truck in the Tomball area.

"We wanted to see something bigger come out of it," she said in a phone interview. "We were getting too big, so we wanted to have a permanent option for people to come and eat."

Margarita's Tamales sells authentic tamales. Options include pork, chicken, cheese, beans, a breakfast option and a vegan option. Hernandez said the recipe for the tamales has been handed down from generation to generation.

"This is my mom's great-grandmother's recipe, so it's been passed down the line," she said. "To me, what's inspiring is that we've made it through that many generations without losing or changing the recipe."

Hernandez said her family wanted to bring the popular Mexican dish to an area lacking traditional, homemade tamales.

"It's not something people have a lot of access to," she said. "You might find it in a restaurant, but it's not authentic. The prep is a lot, so a lot of people just don't do it, and the public misses out. We wanted to bring that here for everyone."

The food truck also sells beans prepared with a variety of toppings and homemade salsa. 832-323-1191.