Located on West Main Street, Tejas Burger Joint is a just stone’s throw from the Tomball Farmers Market, the site at which the Tejas journey began in 2012.

Owned by brothers Scott and Greg Moore and Michelle Holland, the burger restaurant opened Oct. 29 following the success of a Wednesday smokehouse burger special that Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue debuted earlier this year, Scott said.

In addition to the burger joint, the trio of Tejas eateries includes the acclaimed Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue—which began as a farmers market vendor in 2012 and opened in 2015 on North Elm Street —and Tejas To Go Market, which opened on Commerce Street in 2018.

“That’s going to be, like, my favorite thing on Saturday: when the farmers market is rolling and we’re making burgers. That’s going to be awesome,” Scott said. “[As a farmers market vendor], you hope to have a place. You hope to be successful and grow into something that would support you and your family. But for it to blossom into exactly what it has exceeds the expectations that we had for sure.”

Tejas’ signature burgers feature an 8-ounce patty, ground in-house from a brisket-shoulder clod blend of all-natural USDA prime black Angus, which is smoked for hours and finished on a flat-top grill, Scott said.

"What makes it unique is it’s both smoked and grilled on a flat top,” he said. “You get a little bit of that smoky flavor from being on the cooker and then you get the flat top flavor of a burger.”

The burger joint offers several signature burgers—including the smokehouse burger—a monthly burger special and traditional 6-ounce burgers cooked on a flat top, all of which are served on potato buns sourced from a local vendor, Scott said. Bacon is house cured and smoked, burgers are served with lattice potato chips, and a condiment bar is available as well. Fries, milkshakes, sodas and tea are also on the menu, and the restaurant plans to serve alcohol in the future, he said. The sodas and teas are locally sourced as well.

“We’re famous for selling out over at the barbecue restaurant and closing early. That’s not going to happen [here],” Scott said. “We may run out of the smokehouse burger, but we’re always going to have flat-top burgers.”

While the Tejas brand has drawn barbecue enthusiasts to Tomball, Scott said he hopes the burger joint draws local families.

“It’s community minded for me. It’s about having a fun place for the local community to enjoy,” he said. “The goal here would be that we get a great burger in the hands of locals, and it’s a spot to enjoy. And being on Main Street in Tomball, for me, makes it a little extra special.”

Tejas Burger Joint

214 W. Main St., Tomball


Hours: Tue.-Thu. 11 a.m.-8 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 11 a.m.-9 p.m., Sun. 11 a.m.-3 p.m., closed Mon.