Texas Central officials announced interior plans Feb. 17 for the company's proposed high-speed train connecting Houston and Dallas, including complementary Wi-Fi, no middle seat and two classes of service.

Based on the Central Japan Railway's Tokaido Shinkansen high-speed rail, Texas Central's rail cars will be customized for Texas, according to Texas Central information. This includes no middle seat—train cars will have a two-by-two or two-by-one seat configurations—and more legroom. In addition, train cars will feature high-speed Wi-Fi and comply with the Americans with Disabilities Act to ensure accessibility for passengers, according to company information. Some of the eight train cars may also be "quiet cars" with different lighting and restrictions on cell phone usage, Texas Central announced.

Seating will also feature larger seats, wider aisles and more legroom than seating on a regional jet, according to Texas Central estimates. Train cars will include 32-inch aisles and 32 inches of legroom, and all seats will recline, according to Texas Central information. Windows will measure 20 inches by 20.5 inches, which is twice the width of an airplane window, according to company estimates.

Texas Central officials anticipate beginning construction on the high-speed rail later this year with the train being fully operational in 2026, spokesperson Caroline Jennings said in an email. The high-speed rail is anticipated to provide riders a 90-minute trip between Houston and Dallas with a stop in the Brazos Valley, according to company information.