Montgomery County Precinct 2 Commissioner Charlie Riley has ceased all nonemergency activities in Precinct 2, according to a March 16 news release, meaning the Precinct 2 office will only respond to emergency situations.

This decision was made as a precautionary measure for both residents and employees in Precinct 2 to prevent the possible spread of the coronavirus, according to the release.

The Precinct 2 closure also means the Magnolia Horse Arena, recycling center and youth sports complex will be closed until further notice.

Precinct 2 officials announced March 11 the West Montgomery County Community Development Center would be closed temporarily beginning March 12 as a precautionary measure.

"It is critical that in order to protect and care for everyone who visits this facility that they understand our concern is to provide a safe environment for all guests," Riley said in a March 11 release. "It is better to be cautious and shield our seniors from this virus than to allow the risk of anyone becoming ill while visiting this center."