On Jan. 15, the Montgomery County Historical Commission dedicated its 10th county historical marker at Piney Grove Missionary Baptist Church and Cemetery in Magnolia, which now joins over 80 state historical markers already located in Montgomery County.

“We have this program to complement and supplement state historical markers by identifying local churches, residences and buildings of local historical significance that might not otherwise qualify for a state marker,” Chair Larry Foerster said in an email Jan. 23.

Foerster said commission member Annette Kerr worked on the application for this 10th historical marker for most of last year.

“The application for any marker—county or state—involves a great deal of research from primary and secondary sources so that the historical narrative is as accurate as possible,” Foerster said. “The application when finished is submitted for review by our marker committee, and many times additional information is requested. After the committee blesses the application, the committee submits the application to our county historical commission for review and approval.”

Foerster said it takes about eight to 10 weeks to approve a historical marker.