Wendy Cawthon Editor Wendy Cawthon

Although there may not be a local May election this year, voters may wonder why some entities have a November election and others are held earlier in the year.

For years, city council and school board elections were held in May separate from the November county, state and national elections. However, in 2011 the Texas Legislature approved Senate Bill 100, which moved the state’s primary runoff election date to the fourth Tuesday in May.

Because the primary runoff election overlaps with the May date, the law allowed cities and school districts the option of holding elections in May and November.

The cities of Tomball and Magnolia opted to keep their elections in May, however, Tomball ISD opted for a November election while Magnolia ISD trustees are elected in May.

Because no city council or board of trustee positions are opposed this year, May elections were canceled.

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