Honor Society Coffee Co. has recently expanded its facility with a new 530-square-foot porch at its Houston Street location and an additional retail space on Mason Street.

The full-service neighborhood espresso bar originally opened its brick and mortar location in September 2022. The coffee company was founded by Billy Schiel in 2020 as an online direct-to-consumer coffee brand.

“There should never be a time when you can’t find a place to hang out and sit under a covered space,” Schiel said. “Gone are the ‘rainy days’ with limited covered seating.”

The details

The expansion doubled the seating capacity of the coffee shop and brought another element to the business, Schiel said.

Honor Society Coffee Co. added a space off Mason Street in Old Town Tomball that serves as the business headquarters and houses a small retail space for its upcoming roasting operations. The new location has plans to open to the public on July 19, and it will be open on Fridays and Saturdays during limited hours.

Though the porch expansion on Houston Street was completed on June 22, Schiel said the business will soon be adding a new side entry door to the building when it arrives.

“Really, since the first week that we opened we realized that we were going to need a bigger footprint to be able to serve the community well,” Schiel said. “We want to say thank you to the greater Tomball area community who supports us and continues to enable us to bring the best Coffee and Vibes to our beautiful community in Old Town.”

What they offer

Honor Society Coffee Co. offers coffee supplied by its own coffee bean company. Menu items include:
  • Salty Texan is made with a mixture of sweet and salty ingredients, two shots of espresso, salted caramel, white chocolate, steamed milk, and topped with salt and cinnamon.
  • Pretty in Pink is made with a combination of pureed strawberry and coconut milk, topped with sweet foam, and drizzled with strawberry sauce.
  • Basic Blonde is made with a mixture of sweet and spice, white chocolate dirty chai, and topped with cold foam and cinnamon.
Customers can order beverages for pick-up from the website as well as whole bean coffee and merchandise.