Reality Escape was brought to Tomball by escape room enthusiasts David and Melissa Gabriel on Jan. 28, 2023, to bring new entertainment to the area.

“Our family is addicted to them,” Melissa Gabriel said, adding that their family has done every escape room in the Tomball area.

The set up

With three different rooms to choose from, Reality Escape offers guests an outlet where they can unwind through puzzle-solving.

To initiate the game, guests are given a map, a flashlight and a black light as well as 60 minutes to complete a series of puzzles.

Each room has a different theme and contains a series of puzzles to solve. The puzzles solved contain a variety of creative methods that help guide guests to a key that will grant them their freedom.

Games to choose from include the Gold Rush room set in the 1950’s, a ’90s-themed game and Gyngy, a Christmas-themed room.

The couple said Reality Escape has plans to change the Christmas-themed room to a jungle-themed room available as of March 1.

Reality Escape also offers a children modification mode that allows children ages 8-14 to solve their own game, a service targeted for birthday parties.

Zooming in

David and Melissa Gabriel used their own materials sourced from several places to create Reality Escape’s games, which feature elaborate puzzles and hidden clues, such as several unique locks.

“It takes a couple of months to just write a new game,” David Gabriel said, explaining that the process of creating a game can be time-consuming.

Guests who successfully play their way out earn bragging rights, Melissa Gabriel said. Reality Escape keeps track of its winners on a scoreboard where they include the winners names, a photo of them and their time, with the fastest score being 32.24 minutes.

Melissa and David Gabriel said the most efficient way to successfully escape an escape room is by paying attention to the clues provided, working as a team and avoiding overthinking.

To book a game at Reality Escape, guests are required to register a minimum of three people. All rooms include private bookings to avoid being paired with strangers.