Wicked Core, a Lagree fitness studio, opened a location at 6622 Durango Creek Drive, Ste. B-8, Magnolia, on May 15, owner and instructor Deborah Miner said via email July 2.

“Lagree fitness is a full-body, high-intensity low-impact 45-minute class that will leave your muscles leaner, longer and stronger, creating noticeable tone and definition in the body,” Miner said. “The workout is on a Megaformer and incorporates strength, resistance and cardio training not only in every workout but in every exercise taught.”

This is the studio’s second location; Wicked Core also has a studio at 3555 Rayford Road, Ste. 15, Spring, Miner said.

“Ever since opening our Rayford location back in 2016, Woodforest clients have been asking us to open up close by,” Miner said. “We finally found the perfect location the is near by the back of The Woodlands and Woodforest.”

Miner also said the studio is offering a new-client special of $30 for the first two classes or $75 for a two-week trial.

281-205-7213. https://wicked-core.com