Editor's note: This story has been updated to clarify the name of the business, Dog Gone Fun Agility.

Sitting on 5 acres of land off Dobbin-Hufsmith Road is Dog Gone Fun Agility. The dog training facility, located in Magnolia, features a 6,000-square-foot crating building, two 18,000-square-foot training warehouses and a 1,000-square-foot indoor pool.

Owners Monica and Dan Lindquist opened the facility in August 2021 to give both dogs and handlers a place to practice agility, play and compete, both owners said.

“My favorite part of the job is just giving people the opportunity to have a place to do things with their dogs, a place that is just for dogs,” Monica said. “It’s a place where people can come and have fun with their dogs and get the training they need at the same time.”

With over 50 classes listed on the business’s website, basic training classes include obedience training, puppy courses, scent work and trick classes. Dog Gone Fun Agility also offers training such as shed hunting—a dog sport that involves searching for antlers naturally shed by deer or elk—flyball and treibball—a course for reactive dogs—and a junior handler class for kids under 18, Monica said.

Two unique classes offered at the facility are agility and dock diving, Monica said. Dog agility, according to the American Kennel Club, is a sport where dogs are directed through different obstacles like tunnels, weave poles and tire jumps.

“Agility was really the start of [the business],” Monica said.

Dan and Monica trained at a facility off the Grand Parkway and FM 2920 for 6 1/2 years before building their Magnolia training center, which hosts dog competitions every weekend.

“A lot of people compete just for fun because they enjoy the time with their dog,” Monica said. “Others are competing to go to national events, world team events—it’s a broad range.”

Dock diving teaches pets to swim and jump off a 44-foot-long plank into the facility’s 1,000-square-foot heated pool. Monica said it’s one of her favorite competitions to watch.

“I just think it’s fun,” she said. “We’ve had every type of breed from large dogs to dachshunds and French bullies.”

Available in the morning, afternoon or evening, classes are offered seven days a week and cost $125-$250. All breeds and ages are welcome.

“It might sound corny, but we’re basically Disneyland for dogs,” Dan said.

For the dogs

Dog Gone Fun Agility offers over 50 basic and specialized training classes for dogs and handlers.

Fun-Dations: four-week class where dogs learn basic obstacles and handling skills

Dock Diving 101: six-week class teaching swimming skills and jumping off the dock

Intro to Dog Sports: four-week class on the foundations of a new sport each week

Dog Gone Fun Agility