Pain Train Salsa moved into its new location at 104 S. Oak St., Tomball, on Feb. 13, owner Shane Nobles said via email.

The business originally broke ground on the location last April, Community Impact previously reported.

“I want to give the biggest shout-out to The Woodlands Whole Foods team,” Nobles said. “When the management at The Woodlands Whole Foods heard that we were moving, they offered themselves and some of their employees to come out and help us with the move which would’ve normally taken us three days, and it only took us three hours.”

Nobles said the new space is three times larger than the business’s previous space at 403 W. Main St., Tomball.

“The space we were in before was an old home that was turned into a commercial kitchen, while our new space was designed solely as a commercial kitchen, including a huge walk-in cooler, which is what helps us the most,” Nobles said.

Pain Train Salsa, which began at the Tomball Farmers Market, opened its first location on Main Street in 2015, Community Impact previously reported.