B1st Nutrition and Fitness, a fitness and nutrition studio, opened Feb. 11 at 10540 FM 1488, Ste. 165, Magnolia, owner Weslie Hernandez said via email.

“We chose to open a nutrition and fitness studio because we saw a niche that needed to be filled,” Hernandez said. “You would hear about so many people that had to navigate dietary restrictions or simply just wanted clean products and had to do so much research or go to 3-4 different places to find all the things they needed. We wanted to create a place where they no longer had to do that.”

Hernandez said the business offers the OxeFit strength training and cardio machine. B1st Nutrition and Fitness also has its own app.

“This is a simple-to-use app for an easy way for our clients to track their macros/nutrition and fitness journey via weekly check-in with measurements and pics,” Hernandez said. “Plus they will have 24/7 access to our personal trainers/nutrition advisers to help guide them and answer any questions along the way.”

When it comes to its supplements and food products, Hernandez said the business focuses on providing “clean, high-quality products.”

“While doing our due diligence on which products we would have in our store, we aimed to avoid artificial sweeteners, dyes and unhealthy additives that are typically found in supplements or food products,” Hernandez said.

B1st Nutrition and Fitness also features a Clearlight infrared sauna with red light therapy.

“My ultimate goal is to help other people find their best self,” Hernandez said. “I love being able to just sit down with someone and hear their story. We all have such different journeys we are walking, and knowing we aren't alone in it is sometimes the only thing that helps us get through it. I do what I do because I truly care about people and have a passion for helping others achieve greatness.”

832-422-5407. https://b1stnutrition.com