All Bites Bakery, an online-only bakery specializing in dog treats, expanded to add wedding favors to its offerings March 1, owner and Magnolia resident Cara Samuels said.

“In my research, more and more couples are including their pets in some way on the big day,” Samuels said. “By extension, couples want to include their guests’ fur family members in the celebration, too. What a great idea to give a dog treat away.”

Wedding favors include a custom message on the bakery’s 5-inch peanut butter and pumpkin bone that is individually packaged in a compostable clear wrap with a thank you note and colored ribbon.

“Alternatively, a custom favor can be created with changes to the size/shape of treat, message, ribbon, thank you note or packaging,” Samuels said. “The initial consultation with the couple is free.”

All Bites Bakery, which opened last July, makes customizable dog bones and biscuits.

“Currently, all treats are created using our peanut butter and pumpkin recipe,” Samuels said. “A blueberry and apple recipe will be added for the summer. All treats are crunchy and come in 8-ounce packages.”

Samuels said the dog treats stay fresh for up to a month.

“I'm really excited about expanding into this area,” Samuels said. “I'm a romantic at heart, and nothing makes me happier than being a small part of a couple's big day.”