Troy Garza, whose background is in fashion, said he worked for almost two years learning how to be a carpenter before opening his furniture shop, 209th Design House, in the beginning of 2020. Garza said his work is set apart from other furniture makers because he pays attention to the details.

“I was willing to go all in with what we did,” Garza said. “Every aspect of our life is dedicated to the craft that we do.”

209th Design House, located at 209 Fannin St., Tomball, specializes in lacquer refinishing on furniture as well as custom upholstery and furniture. In early September, 209th Design House expanded into an adjacent building. The original shop focuses on white and black designs, while the new shop, Muse:301, incorporates more color and art.

Garza said he wanted to open his shop in Tomball to pay homage to the story of his mother, Dahlia, who owned a store in the town for 17 years before she died. Garza said 209th Design House was originally named Dahlia’s Home Living as a way to remember the affect she had on him and the city.

“Tomball was like home for my mom for 17 years,” Garza said. “The only thing she asked me to do was make sure this town never forgets her.”

Garza said his work has been featured in magazines, and he has been approached for TV shows, but he prides himself on serving the Tomball community. He said everything 209th Design House sells is made in the shop with all the artists and designers living within a 10-mile radius.

“Being local to me means what you’re doing is for the community that you’re in,” Garza said. “It’s one thing to say you’re local because you have a local shop, but if I don’t live here, I’m not local.”

Garza said he hopes his work inspires others.

“Everything that I do is more like a poem in a sequence,” he said. “I give these little poems to the world, and at the end you’ll know the whole story.”

209th Design House

209 Fannin St., Tomball


Hours: Mon.-Thu. 9 a.m.-5 p.m., Fri.-Sat. 9 a.m.-6 p.m., closed Sun.